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Thank you so much for dropping by.

If you don’t know me through Chosen Wedding then let me tell you a few things about myself.

Firstly, I really, really love my dog. I also love working from home, I love being my own boss and able to have time to do things my own way and on my own terms. I love the quality of life that it gives me and the time it allows me to spend with my dog or peacefully able to think about things that interest and inspire me without squeezing that into a busy commute and bumping into armpits.



I love being creative. And when I say creative I mean creative to the point where something has been made – whether its dinner, through baking, creating a photograph or a sketch or an Instagram photograph. If I’m not actively creative I often get to the point where I feel frustrated for days and can’t quite figure out why until it hits me. Its a need, a must and a food for my soul.

I guess its that urge to create that led me into doing what I do today. I started fresh out of studying a degree in Fine Art Photography to trying to sell my own products in markets around London. Progressed to organising my own designer maker markets and then on to organising Chosen Wedding Fairs.

Over the past 6 years of doing so I’ve worked with around 3,000 other creatives too. And somehow I managed to bag a whopping 7 years corporate sales and relationship development under my belt. I guess I’ve learnt a little bit about being creative, about being frustrated (the corporate environment helped with that!) and about moving your business forward.



I also get a real buzz from Chosen Wedding events and the most wonderful thing about organising these and the shoots that we work on, are the people that we meet and the Chosen family that has formed and is steadily growing. When so many independent creatives work from home its easy to get lost or lonely or wonder who to ask questions to so I hope that you can come to trust Chosen Wedding Collective as a homely place where you can find help and support. We will shortly be launching a forum to help with that also.

Through forming the Chosen Wedding Collective what I’m really aiming to do is share with you what I’ve gone the long way around learning myself. And I hope to help you with your creative business. Over the past years I have been able to identify a clear path forward, step by step plans into creating and building a creative idea into a business and make the most of todays new ways of marketing it.

You see I’ve had five creative businesses, I’ve spent a lot of money, wasted a lot of time and had businesses that have failed. I gave up a very highly paid corporate job to follow my creative urges and follow my dream knowing that I had no choice but to make it work. I’ve also had successes and its taken a long time for me to say it but I’m proud of what I’ve learnt over that time and how far my business has come.

I know personally just how hard it can be, how hair pulling and tear jerkingly hard it can be and I want to help you make your business work for you because it absolutely can. There is no better time than today to help boost your creative business either in the financial climate or personally for yourself and I fully believe that each and every one of us has the power to create the life we dream of through the work that we enjoy.

So lets see what we can do shall we?

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