Cultivating Creative Confidence

Im a huge believer that creative confidence has a lot to do with allowing ourselves to be creative in the first place. Creative that is in terms of allowing ourselves the space to play, to discover and most importantly to be open minded about what may come of it - if anything at all. Let me explain. Think about children - or about when you were a child - and think about their imagination, their openness to what something is, was or could be and why they do it. Then think about how you create now. Can you tell me whats changed? For a lot of us what has changed is that we've grown up - so our thought processes, reservations and fears have kicked in. We don't play in the way that we did as children, we set out with an intention, we have a... read more...
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Make the leap!

One of the absolute best things about organising wedding fairs is not only the sheer volume of creativity that comes through the doors from both exhibitors and brides to be - but the amount of joy, energy and smiles exchanged on the day as inspiration, ideas and excitement is shared. I feel so blessed to have such responses from both sides of the fence (exhibitors and visitors) that are so positive. Especially on something that I had started out of pure frustration that I couldn't find the level or standard that I knew existed at any other events. After our Spring Bristol show on February 1st, I was overwhelmed by the amount of contemporary creativity out there, by the amount of people who are becoming more open to pushing creative... read more...
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