Breaking The Acceptance Story Cycle. The secrets to growing your business, improving your lifestyle and working with purpose.

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All too often we get caught up in the cycle.

The cycle of being busy, of juggling our business, our family, our admin, our dreams, our social life, our should be doing, could be doing’s and importantly also our worries and thoughts.

And its SO easy to get caught up in that – to get stuck right in the middle and lose sight of where it is we were supposed to be going or even embracing living right now because we’re just doing our darn best to get through it all today. The trouble is that we tell ourselves that this is how it has to be, if we’re going to make our businesses work, we HAVE to push through this because this is the ONLY way to grow and we accept that story (one thats been taught to us all of our lives by society) and carry on exhausting ourselves.

Life IS really busy right now and everything and everyone around us seems to be moving really quite fast.

But do you really want to keep moving that fast? Juggling the overwhelm and make do’s until you can finally get enough time to stop for a moment? And if you do stop, do you think you’ll just have to hop right back on that merry-go-round again after a short break and go forth exhausting yourself again?


Do you want to find a way to simplify that, to gain control, to get more time back, to reclaim life and put things in ordered places to allow you to push forward more effectively, with more insight and with more to gain – not only on business and client / profit levels but on personal levels too.

For me its a no brainer.


First of all we have to be ready to accept that if we want better, we have to do better.In other words, if we want something we’ve never had, we have to do something we’ve never done. And that something doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to start with telling ourselves that the story of ‘this is how it has to be’ isn’t necessarily correct. And Dear Creative, if you’re anything like me, you’ll kind of like going against the grain anyway!

So, as we’re only a short way away from all getting a lovely few days off over Christmas I ask you to consider this – mull it over for a while and see how it sits with you.

Are you ready to write your own story?

Ok that might be a rather big question but let me break it down.

You are everything you need to be right now. In this moment.

You have everything within you that you need to make your business more successful, to give you more time, to regain power and control, to push your profits forward, to overcome worries, to combat criticism, to create the life that you had dreamt of when you started down this path. I mean really, who out of us actually set out building our own business so that we could work more hours than the average 9 to 5?! or 9 to 7, or 9 to 9 for that matter!

So what would you say if I said to you that all that you need to do is:

1) Reveal – both to yourself and your customers – who your authentic self really is, remove any blocks you may have (in other words – get out of your own way – we limit ourselves too much with things such as these stories that this is how it has to be or that we MUST chase perfection).

2) Get really clear on what it is that you want, your values and your beliefs both personally and for your business.

3) Apply a method to that in order to learn the very most from it.

4) Put it out into the world with generosity. GIVE, with heart, with authenticity and with all that you have learnt, to your clients.

Seems quite simple really right?

Well, it is. And it does work and it really is ALL that you need to do. Proven. Tried and tested.

You WILL see a return, not only of people’s investment in you, in what you are putting out into the world, faith in why you are doing so, but you will also then be able to find order in moving forward, knowledge to stop chasing your tail, the ability to see where and how you can help or appeal to your ideal clients and therefore grow your business too. All of that abundance and with it giving you more time in your own life as well. Time to stop. Time to create and time to live. What ifthis was your story? What difference would having these things make to your life?So let me ask you again:

Are you ready to write your own story?

Creative Foundations can assist you in writing that story and I am so excited at the thought of sharing this method with you and helping you move your story forward to a place that serves you.

Much love.

Kiki xo

‘Creative Foundations’ is on pre-sale now with a -10% offer on the cover price until this Saturday, December 19th. 

This eBook is an investment into your business. It’s formulated as part mentoring session, part guide book and part workbook to ensure that what you get out of it is fully personalised to help you improve your business foundations and therefore future, too.

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I've always had an unfounded belief that anyone can be anything they want to be. Most probably fuelled by my love for Peter Pan (JM Barrie you have a lot to answer for!) I honestly believe its fully possible for anyone to create a life that they love through their creative passions. Always having had a creative heart I have spent my life dabbling in and out of various media, studied Fine Art Photography as a degree and have worked with over 3,000 creatives since starting my own business. Having reached a point where I have a great quality of life from the way I am able to work, I am now fully dedicated to helping others push forward with their own creative businesses to gain a life that they love and a business that works for them. You'll find me happiest out walking with my dog Nell, travelling the world with my Mister, working from my home studio or at the flower market gathering natures gifts for my latest photography project.

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