Don’t take it from me! – a fresh perspective…

"The baby’s cries were clearly audible from outside - or maybe my ears are more attuned to it now. Getting louder and more hungry with each step, Dad gingerly entered the Pavilion. But she’d already sensed it, and Mum was up from her front row seat. Milliseconds later, baby was hushed. An hour later, and Mum is at the microphone, her inspiring and informative words reassuring another kind of audience. She is just one of a whole day’s line up of women who have all begun their creative wedding businesses themselves; who have learnt to juggle and adapt to parenthood; and who have made it work and decided to share what works with others just like them. Sharing and leading others is what The Hub is all about - it’s what so many of... read more...
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Interview: Emma – Coco Wedding Venues

There are an incredible amount of really talented people within the wedding industry. That is such a huge and true statement I feel it deserved its own line! Yet when it comes to standing out in the industry, I'm a big believer that branding above so many other things makes a huge difference and is an incredibly important place to start. Your brand consists of not only your colour scheme, your chosen fonts or uniformity but presents the world with a face and a personality too. Express this well and people will feel they know you have more heart than those other empty corporate style run of the mill businesses out there. But more on branding to come in another post soon. A fairly young business that we have a lot of admiration for is... read more...
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