Fear holding you and your business back? Here’s how to STOP IT DEAD.

      A few years ago we, my now husband and I, decided that we wanted to be away for Christmas. Its a thing we do - we love being away in the heat when its cold at home or exploring somewhere when Mister has enough leave from the day job. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, we spent  a week - including Christmas day in Egypt exploring the history, the myth and the wonder of the country.But on the way home we experienced what I can only describe as one of the most scary experiences that either of us have ever been through.Whilst the UK was having storms and ridiculously strong winds, we had been blissfully unaware as we spent our days exploring beaches, temples, the Nile and soaking up the warmth. Only our flight back... read more...
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Why I’m over all the ‘help’!

    Happy New Year all! I hope you've all had an incredible break with your loved ones and are feeling refreshed and reenergised for this coming new year. Now I don't know about you and I know its probably my fault for signing up to so many things (must be time for a Spring clean!) but I'm getting a little tired of all the 'You must do this' and the 'You need this for a great new year' emails, adverts and posts everywhere. Are you? Ok don't get me wrong I know its a fantastic time to make change or take action in your life or work if you want to, we've all had a break, time to reflect and now its time to get back to things. But do we really all need a thousand things or ways or discounts and offers to get us... read more...
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Creating a Mindful Future – a freebie!

At this time of year we're all thinking about the same few things - firstly, how and when we can find downtime to relax and secondly, how we can plan and improve things for a prosperous new year.So I've created a little freebie mini-planner for you to assist with the forward planning part! On the road of running a creative business we often come up against road blocks. Things that stand in our way as we juggle life and business and that often go un-addressed. These can take a few forms - either in being societal pressures or 'norms' - of which we need to question whether they are 'right' or fitting for our own personal mindset or belief system and way of working. These can also often take form in our own personal set of... read more...
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