Interview – Kirsten – The Little Wedding Helper

Its an absolute joy to introduce Kirsten to you. A regular exhibitor at Chosen Wedding Fair's Kirsten has become not only a friend but a massive inspiration to me in all that she does. And when I say all, I mean ALL - and this lady does a lot! I am often teased by people saying that I seem to be doing everything at the moment - and I often am, so its lovely to know that I am not alone in being rather ambitious (or just a massive dreamer) and reaching for the stars. Kirsten certainly has a great grasp on her star! Over the past few years Kirsten has not only won awards for her styling, been on the awards panel, written columns and articles for various wedding publications, organised pop-up wedding shops, champions wedding industry tweet... read more...
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Interview: Sundari – The Wedding Stylist

So as you know, I have a lot of admiration for people in the industry who are championing their own brands / businesses and carving their own path forward, I know personally how much bravery and determination that can take. Being an independent business owner can certainly hold many challenges for us to all face and through our posts we're really hoping we can help you face these with a little more insight and share a few tips and tricks around the collective community.  Social media can present a whole host of options for us to market our small businesses and I'm a big believer in just how effective it can be. But knowing which avenue to take, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Google +  can be really confusing.... read more...
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Interview: Charlie – The Female Photographer Association

I have a confession to make - I often have days where I feel a complete lack of inspiration, a drain on my brain power and energy and really want nothing more than bury my head from the ever increasing pile of emails that seem to be magically appearing in my inbox. When this happens I have discovered that there is nothing better to inspire myself than to read about other people's stories. Often I seek out an interview, a seminar or a class that I know will inspire and give me more information to help spur me along and fire up that motivation. Usually the media that I choose are from people who have been working hard at their own dreams or can help inspire or pass on knowledge that may help me to realise my own. This also forms the... read more...
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Interview: Emma – Coco Wedding Venues

There are an incredible amount of really talented people within the wedding industry. That is such a huge and true statement I feel it deserved its own line! Yet when it comes to standing out in the industry, I'm a big believer that branding above so many other things makes a huge difference and is an incredibly important place to start. Your brand consists of not only your colour scheme, your chosen fonts or uniformity but presents the world with a face and a personality too. Express this well and people will feel they know you have more heart than those other empty corporate style run of the mill businesses out there. But more on branding to come in another post soon. A fairly young business that we have a lot of admiration for is... read more...
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