Fear holding you and your business back? Here’s how to STOP IT DEAD.

      A few years ago we, my now husband and I, decided that we wanted to be away for Christmas. Its a thing we do - we love being away in the heat when its cold at home or exploring somewhere when Mister has enough leave from the day job. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, we spent  a week - including Christmas day in Egypt exploring the history, the myth and the wonder of the country.But on the way home we experienced what I can only describe as one of the most scary experiences that either of us have ever been through.Whilst the UK was having storms and ridiculously strong winds, we had been blissfully unaware as we spent our days exploring beaches, temples, the Nile and soaking up the warmth. Only our flight back... read more...
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So you want to know what does work? 5 ways to get ahead.

  Alright so last week I wrote to you guys about what drove me crazy about the new year! - All of these confusing messages coming from so many different places which were about 'what you have to do in order to make 2016 a success' or 'what you must do to live a better life' - did you notice it too? Wasn't it all a bit much? its totally why I chose to take the first work week of 2016  as a learning week. I spent time, quietly working my way through both a really bad cold and the courses that I'm currently enrolled upon to make sure that I personally felt good about the direction that I was taking for the New Year. But I also spent it ignoring everyone else. Ok not everyone, but all of these adverts and messages that told me I... read more...
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Why I won’t be working the same way I did before I got married.

Ok hands up here, I'm finding it a little hard to get back into the swing of things work wise but I also have to admit I don't intend on working the way I did before we got married. The first half of this year - and the most part of last year, was just so crazy. My husband (squee!) and I worked our socks off to earn the money to have the wedding that we had our hearts set on and giving our friends and family a good time, we pushed aside time for ourselves, for each other and for any outings or breaks away. We worked evenings, weekends and took on any extra work we could find and four weeks ago we had the most incredible wedding day. We were also so very fortunate (and super grateful) to have had some assistance in being able to go on... read more...
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