Don’t take it from me! – a fresh perspective…

"The baby’s cries were clearly audible from outside - or maybe my ears are more attuned to it now. Getting louder and more hungry with each step, Dad gingerly entered the Pavilion. But she’d already sensed it, and Mum was up from her front row seat. Milliseconds later, baby was hushed. An hour later, and Mum is at the microphone, her inspiring and informative words reassuring another kind of audience. She is just one of a whole day’s line up of women who have all begun their creative wedding businesses themselves; who have learnt to juggle and adapt to parenthood; and who have made it work and decided to share what works with others just like them. Sharing and leading others is what The Hub is all about - it’s what so many of... read more...
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Make mine a large please! Are you ready to play big?

Have you ever felt so inspired that you just can't sit still? That even despite your natural want to sit quietly and not make a spectacle of yourself you secretly long to jump in the air and do a heel click whilst you're at it? Write a long list, action that list, wish you were in a different place to do it and do it right now without obstacles?! Have you ever felt part of something, a real community? Had the real feeling and knowledge that you're NOT going it alone, that others have your back, understand what you've been and are going through and where you want to go?Have you ever wanted to feel part of something big? Something much bigger than yourself, something that may even end up result in being not only life changing for... read more...
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Interview – Kirsten – The Little Wedding Helper

Its an absolute joy to introduce Kirsten to you. A regular exhibitor at Chosen Wedding Fair's Kirsten has become not only a friend but a massive inspiration to me in all that she does. And when I say all, I mean ALL - and this lady does a lot! I am often teased by people saying that I seem to be doing everything at the moment - and I often am, so its lovely to know that I am not alone in being rather ambitious (or just a massive dreamer) and reaching for the stars. Kirsten certainly has a great grasp on her star! Over the past few years Kirsten has not only won awards for her styling, been on the awards panel, written columns and articles for various wedding publications, organised pop-up wedding shops, champions wedding industry tweet... read more...
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A little insight – behind ‘The Hub’.

I had the most wonderful and inspirational meeting with Victoria Stanton and Laura Caudery of Fetcham Park yesterday. Not only was the setting one of the most serene and pretty places I have ever had the pleasure in taking tea in (no I did not want to leave!), but it was incredible sharing thoughts, ideas and perceptions of the industry that we work in, with other people who are quite simply, on the same wave length and two of the nicest ladies that you could ever hope to meet! I can't possibly begin to tell you the feeling that I felt on leaving our meeting and you'll find out more about the plans we have to come very soon, but in short I came away feeling so excited about things that I could barely sit still!  Many of us in the... read more...
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