Do you fully believe that you can and will achieve everything that you have ever wanted? Not only from your business but in the quality of life that you can lead too? Are you living to your true potential right now?

That belief is what can drive an idea into a flourishing business and if your business is not giving you what you had hoped for I can promise you that there IS a way that you can achieve that fulfilment. I have first person walked this path myself, I now want to help you realise your dreams and cut down the amount of time it takes to make that achievement also.

Life can be messy and there is so much that we creative hearts have to deal with in order to make our businesses work. All of that whilst at the same time juggling the rest of life in the other palm.

As creatives we also want to achieve all the wonders that we can envision as quickly and simply as possible so that we can move on to the next incredible idea that we’ve been gifted with. After all, isn’t it those ideas that make us who we are and what makes our minds and hearts thrive and soar?

Coaching can give you the support that you may have been missing as well as the guidance to realise your goals, release your blocks and create a method of working that is best suited to your lifestyle and personality, no longer letting your work or worries dominate. It is an investment not only in yourself, but in your time, your business and your future aspirations too.

What coaching can do for you is limitless and is 100% about YOU. If you commit to your personalised programme it can assist you to –

  • Become un-stuck
  • Take back control
  • Realise your true purpose
  • Stop chasing your tail and start chasing your goals
  • Stop the struggle
  • Quit the overwhelm
  • Empower your confidence
  • Embrace your vision
  • Raise your energy
  • Market effectively
  • Make quality Sales
  • Raise your profits
  • Raise your profile
  • Release your time
  • Build your audience
  • Be happy.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to feel satisfied, fulfilled, in control, empowered, inspired, location independent, financially free and of course above all, happy? I can help you reach those goals.

I specialise in helping you achieve the knowledge and creation of a structure that will ensure that your confidence in your own creative business rewards you personally, financially and in so many more ways.

Finding a point where we can balance work, life, money and feeling truly great doesn’t have to be hard. It is a journey and it sincerely is possible to achieve.


Kiki is such an inspiration. As a successful creative entrepreneur herself she is full of tried and tested tips on how to focus, plan and put that plan into action but she also encourages you to let go of your fears, dream big, run with those dreams and have the confidence to turn them into reality. Kiki has been a brilliant guiding force for me as my meetings with her have given me real hope of achieving my goals with motivation and structure and most of all reminding me that all aspects of my life are just as important as my work. It’s not always easy balancing work with relationships and other daily pressures but Kiki can really help you to take a holistic view and give you a friendly but firm push in the right direction! – Jessica Charleston


I have a background in Fine Art Photography, psychology and business development.

Today I work as a coach and mentor, as well as being Founder of Chosen Wedding events, the Chosen Wedding Collective, The Hub event and the CWC community; which is a fast growing focus group of like minded creatives striving for the very best for their businesses and lifestyles, and I absolutely love it.

I believe FULLY that anything is possible and that with knowledge, a system and a clear personal mindset the ability to create a life you’re completely in love with is just around the corner and 100% available to everyone.


When I stumbled upon Chosen Wedding on FB I was left slightly breathless from excitement, it was so delightfully different from anything else I’ve seen in the wedding industry. Later I found out that the mastermind behind Chosen Wedding, Kiki, was offering mentoring and I knew this was the one for me. Kiki’s tailor made coaching and personal approach gave me the tools I needed to head in the desired direction. She is passionate about what she does and I found it really inspiring to work with someone like her. Kiki has been very helpful throughout the whole process and I am truly grateful that I’ve met her. I believe that her expert advice probably saved me few years of aimless wandering and frustration that I am not getting where I want to be. – Dani – Vintage Party Arrangements

I just want to say thank you so much for the session. It was very helpful and inspiring for me to have everything more structured and has helped me focus more on the tasks involved into driving the business forward. – Suzanne – Vintage Trousseau

Working with Kiki was hugely beneficial. She made me feel very comfortable and I felt like I walked away from our session with a much clearer idea of what I needed to focus on short term and long term and her industry knowledge was invaluable. I’d definitely look to have more sessions in the future as I reach different stages of my business. Kiki is a fantastic mentor. – Sienna – Sienna Von Hildemar Bridal Couture

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