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Tamryn Lawrence – Candid Apple:

When Kiki asked me to read her new book, I have to say that I couldn’t wait to delve into the pages. You see, Kiki really is something special and this book is her wonderful, positive and unbelievably helpful self in written form. You’ll work through exercises that make you think and drive you forward and you’ll have Kiki, as your best business friend, by your side throughout. I absolutely loved Creative Foundations and I have no doubt that you’ll adore every page too.

  • Gain Clarity over your business

  • Create a concise business plan

  • Grow your customer base and profile

  • Improve your profits

  • Build a future with strength, authenticity and heart

  • Create more time to be creative

  • Design a lifestyle that you love

My intention in writing this eBook was to supply you with fail safe knowledge and the tools to put strong foundations in place for your creative business. Doing so allows for growth so that you can maximise your profits and your exposure whilst also streamlining your working lifestyle allowing you more time and mind space to embrace your passion, your creativity and truly live your dream.

All too often we rush through our creativity, caught up in the excitement of getting an actual product or service out into the world, but sometimes that idea just doesn’t quite work out how we had intended it to. Perhaps we don’t see the return that we had expected or we get a little stuck to know how, who or where to market it to make it a success.

And so often all of the things that we know that we should do, the admin, the marketing, the pushing this way and that, it all becomes a little too much. We become swamped, not knowing what to do first, getting lost in the process or even losing the love for our business altogether, worse still missing out of life going on around us

‘Creative Foundations’ was designed to help alleviate these problems. Giving a clear, concise method to work through the biggest issues that small businesses often encounter, it works as a guide, a mentoring session AND a workbook to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to set your creative business in good stead for immediate and future growth.

With strong foundations we take away the constant struggle, the need to keep chasing our tails and the confusion that can come with marketing our business. With strong foundations we know that there is a way of addressing all of these things to allow us the growth we’ve been striving for and after addressing these key issues once, you’ll save yourself so much time, gain so very much knowledge and forge a clear and true pathway forward for both yourself and your business.

Investment: £55

New revision coming soon, current edition no longer available.

This eBook will help you:

  • Assess your current media

  • Assess your business practice

  • Embrace your passion

  • Create a concise business plan

  • Address self belief and business confidence

  • Formulate essential marketing knowledge

  • Address your business values

  • Gain financial guidance

  • Create a streamlined working practice

  • Curate Awareness

  • Attract the right kind of clients

  • Address business connection

  • Gain more time to be creative

  • Recognise your dreams

  • Grow your business

Sound good?

Investment: £55

New revision coming soon, current edition no longer available.

Please note that this eBook was originally written as a course and is intended as a guide, to help you work through any specific issues that your business may encounter at foundation level. Part mentoring session, part guide, part workbook – it would have been valued at approximately £300-400 – BUT I believe so strongly in information sharing that I wanted it to be much more accessible to you than it was when I learnt these techniques.

Its in our foundations that often we find that we get stuck or things stop working or growing for us so its completely necessary to address these issues in order to move our businesses forward.

‘Creative Foundations’ includes worksheets, inspirational quotes and guide pages. I will also be opening a Facebook group called ‘CWC – Creative Foundations’ to discuss any queries or successes you might encounter on the topics covered in the book.

Don’t forget to join our community Chosen Wedding Collective (CWC) Facebook Group.

The material addressed in this eBook is a representation of some of the material that I cover in my mentoring sessions. Having learnt and practised these methods myself I can hand on heart promise you that these steps are COMPLETELY NECESSARY TO ANY BUSINESS, you will also find that they are REMARKABLY MORE VALUABLE than the cover price.

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