Fear holding you and your business back? Here’s how to STOP IT DEAD.

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A few years ago we, my now husband and I, decided that we wanted to be away for Christmas. Its a thing we do – we love being away in the heat when its cold at home or exploring somewhere when Mister has enough leave from the day job. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, we spent  a week – including Christmas day in Egypt exploring the history, the myth and the wonder of the country.But on the way home we experienced what I can only describe as one of the most scary experiences that either of us have ever been through.Whilst the UK was having storms and ridiculously strong winds, we had been blissfully unaware as we spent our days exploring beaches, temples, the Nile and soaking up the warmth. Only our flight back was a reflection of what had been happening at home and as we came into British airspace, the turbulence became gradually worse, and worse. Further still, as we approached the airport, people already gripping the arms of their chairs so tightly, the plane not only shook, wobbled but you could physically feel the pull of the whole of it as the wind came in, slamming into it, from the wrong direction. The pilot circled the plane for a while around the airport, attempting to wait until the winds had died down, or until he found the right time to land the plane, which was full of I dare say no less than 500 people, families and children.

But as he came to finally attempt to land the plane the turbulence got worse, and worse, and worse still. People began leaning forward, putting their heads in their laps, squeezing onto their seats for dear life, buckling their seat belts even tighter, crying, praying, screaming. And the plane was dragged sideways, so so close to the main airport building, only 200ft off of the ground before the pilot decided that if he did land, the plane would more than likely collide and he decided to take it back up again (that angle in taking off again felt like being in a rocket it was that steep).

We safely landed that night in Birmingham. Ok a fair way from where we had expected to be or parked the car but we were just so grateful to still be in one piece and to the pilot for making the decision to keep us all as safe as possible.

But the most amazing thing happened in the moments where I guess literally more than half the people on that plane thought that those were our last minutes on earth. I had been sat in my seat and as I looked around I saw people’s panic, not one of us could move out of our seats, comfort others, could do anything at all. But as I squeezed my husbands hand I closed my eyes and thought to myself that if this was my time to go, considering that I had no choice that I could make to change this circumstance, I wasn’t scared, in fact, I would go as far as saying I was really calm and that totally surprised me. And this coming from someone who usually has a total fear of pain, of being out of control, and can be shaken by a bit of turbulence let alone gail force winds slamming into a plane that could have been the last plane I ever got to ride on.

You see what I think happened was that I looked fear right in the face. I took it, looked at the situation fully, knew that it was out of my control, and accepted it. Don’t get me wrong of course, just the same as the rest of the people on that flight, I don’t want to die and I didn’t that night, but I did make a choice, in a split moment, not to spend my last minutes leaving this world in a state of fear, panic and so emotionally distraught that I had no way of knowing if I could ever get over it enough to get on another plane again and boy do I love to travel.

So I made a choice. Ok it surprised even me but it worked.

And with every decision or situation that we are faced with we equally have a choice.

I recently did a poll in our Facebook community group and it turned out that most of us running our own businesses are scared. We often feel fear, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough, fear of people not loving us or our work.

This fear can become so very BIG that it holds us back – it holds us back from committing to our businesses enough to push them forward to really and truly grow into what they could be. It holds us back from releasing new designs, products, services, from charging what something is truly worth, it holds us back from expressing ourselves fully, honestly and courageously in our blogs, newsletters, in our Facebook posts or in our Instagram photo’s. And that limitation keeps us playing small.

But you, dear creative, deserve to be playing big.

You deserve to be able to work without fear and to look it in the face and decide NOT to take it on board but instead to look it in the eye, give it a swift kick in the shins and continue ahead stepping into your own potential and greatness.

So, I’ve created a brief empowering training exercise for those of you who do feel the fear. The exercise should take perhaps an hour or so – about the time it might take for us to work through things were we doing an in person coaching exercise together. Ultimately, it WILL help break things down, help you know exactly whats going on when you get that limiting feeling, and help you overcome it.

You see, over the time I have been running my own businesses (and back when I was studying Fine Art Photography as a degree) – be it either the Designer Maker Markets, or Chosen Wedding Fair and Collective, I’ve worked with over 3,000 creatives – and one thing I have noticed is that we do, we ALL do, at some point or another, limit ourselves. We hold ourselves back from achieving, be that in a conscious or unconscious way, and so often I have witnessed people who are SO super talented just fold, not stepping into their potential, their greatness, their talent and backing away from doing something that they could be AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL at IF ONLY they would commit. Commit to their business, commit to not being held back by fear, commit to addressing their business foundations and dedicate a little time addressing those things in order to move forward with PURPOSE and POWER.

That IS all it takes. A commitment to addressing of those few things – your business foundations / structure, your mindset and your purpose and bingo, things DO fall into place.

What I want to gift to you is a little help in doing that – in stepping forward and over coming your fear, in being able to step forward and really embrace the opportunities that your talent gives you.

I hope you enjoy the exercise, you can find it on our website right here.

As always please let me know how you get on, whether you find the exercise useful, powerful or have any questions. Please share your thoughts and results in the Facebook group, but most of all – really COMMIT to it, take time to work through it, put it into practice over a day, a week, or a month. Use it when you feel the fear but please just DO IT. I have no doubt it will help you move forward if not only in your business but in your life too.

I’m super grateful to you all for taking this journey with me, for taking time out to read through my newsletters and take these tips on board. If it helps you please do share it.

Oh and by the way, the next flight I took, although I anticipated it making me feel the fear again with every tiny wobble, I felt none and curled up calmly, quite content, happily in my seat as the plane took us to our honeymoon destination.

Much love.

Kiki xo

Please be aware that as I am nearing the end of my further Coaching courses my packages and pricing structure will be changing in February. If you would like an in person 1:1 focus session or have anything you would like to address, I will happily hold the current pricing for you if you book before the end of January.

‘Creative Foundations’ is now on full release.

This eBook is an investment into your business. It’s formulated as part mentoring session, part guide book and part workbook to ensure that what you get out of it is fully personalised to help you improve your business foundations and therefore future, too.

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I've always had an unfounded belief that anyone can be anything they want to be. Most probably fuelled by my love for Peter Pan (JM Barrie you have a lot to answer for!) I honestly believe its fully possible for anyone to create a life that they love through their creative passions. Always having had a creative heart I have spent my life dabbling in and out of various media, studied Fine Art Photography as a degree and have worked with over 3,000 creatives since starting my own business. Having reached a point where I have a great quality of life from the way I am able to work, I am now fully dedicated to helping others push forward with their own creative businesses to gain a life that they love and a business that works for them. You'll find me happiest out walking with my dog Nell, travelling the world with my Mister, working from my home studio or at the flower market gathering natures gifts for my latest photography project.

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