Make mine a large please! Are you ready to play big?

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Have you ever felt so inspired that you just can’t sit still? That even despite your natural want to sit quietly and not make a spectacle of yourself you secretly long to jump in the air and do a heel click whilst you’re at it? Write a long list, action that list, wish you were in a different place to do it and do it right now without obstacles?!

Have you ever felt part of something, a real community? Had the real feeling and knowledge that you’re NOT going it alone, that others have your back, understand what you’ve been and are going through and where you want to go?Have you ever wanted to feel part of something big? Something much bigger than yourself, something that may even end up result in being not only life changing for you and your family and close circle, but something that could affect people across the country? The world even?


If you identify with any of these things chances are you will not want to miss The Hub 2016.

This year we’re taking it HUGE with a fresh format and some truly EPIC speakers!


You see, there really has never been a better time in history for small businesses, for creative, courageous entrepreneurs to stand up, to make their businesses the most authentic brands and to build those brands into powerhouses via online presence, marketing and through sharing your gifts with the world. Think it’s impossible? or that you can’t impact people? you’re wrong! After all the word impossible is just this – IM POSSIBLE. I AM POSSIBLE. And you totally are – no one can do things the way you can – each and every person has a uniqueness, it is literally just a case of all you need to do is find out where you fit, grasp that idea, embrace your greatness, put a business structure into place and RUN WITH IT!

Lets think outside of the box. The internet is just at the beginning of showing us what’s possible to do in an online realm – its bringing people across the world closer, opening more windows of opportunity, allowing us to run our businesses and reach people we’ve never before been able to reach. And through our own authenticity – we touch their lives too. How incredible is that? Can you imagine a world without it?

The question is – are you giving yourself permission to be all that you can be? Are you holding yourself back somehow, with blocks, with negative socialisation resulting in thoughts of not being good enough, or big results or impact not being possible for you or in your hands? Or are you perhaps just a little unsure of where to start and what steps to take, or which steps to take next if you have already started.

We’ve got the answers for you. We’ve got the inspiration for you. We’ve got the practical route forward planned out and it will be presented to you across the most incredibly inspiring day of sharing at The Hub 2016. 

Prepare to be so completely inspired you’ll walk away from the event just knowing what you have to give is something incredible, how to put that uniqueness into action and how to make it work for you.


Join us.


Much love.
Kiki xo
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I've always had an unfounded belief that anyone can be anything they want to be. Most probably fuelled by my love for Peter Pan (JM Barrie you have a lot to answer for!) I honestly believe its fully possible for anyone to create a life that they love through their creative passions. Always having had a creative heart I have spent my life dabbling in and out of various media, studied Fine Art Photography as a degree and have worked with over 3,000 creatives since starting my own business. Having reached a point where I have a great quality of life from the way I am able to work, I am now fully dedicated to helping others push forward with their own creative businesses to gain a life that they love and a business that works for them. You'll find me happiest out walking with my dog Nell, travelling the world with my Mister, working from my home studio or at the flower market gathering natures gifts for my latest photography project.

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