So you want to know what does work? 5 ways to get ahead.

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Alright so last week I wrote to you guys about what drove me crazy about the new year! – All of these confusing messages coming from so many different places which were about ‘what you have to do in order to make 2016 a success’ or ‘what you must do to live a better life’ – did you notice it too? Wasn’t it all a bit much? its totally why I chose to take the first work week of 2016  as a learning week. I spent time, quietly working my way through both a really bad cold and the courses that I’m currently enrolled upon to make sure that I personally felt good about the direction that I was taking for the New Year.

But I also spent it ignoring everyone else.

Ok not everyone, but all of these adverts and messages that told me I had to do this, that or the other in order to be a good and dedicated human being!

So thats why, good people, I’m also writing to you today to explain MY WAY of getting ahead.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m absolutely not touting that it will be the right way for you – and that’s the difference in my approach to these things, I know fully that one way that works for others may not work for you – and if you are stuck drop me a line I would be over the moon to help you find a way around things.

Something I should make clear about though is how I find my own methods and have therefore come to these conclusions.

I have to make sure they make –

ABSOLUTE no excuse sense,
are methodical,
EASY to implement,
time saving,
are inspiring
and more of all are enjoyable to do.

Yes, my attention span or the life span of doing something to completion is incredibly short.But the reason why I chose to ignore all of the sales messages that came my way since Christmas is I know what works for me and my business – and my short attention span!

Because I have spent most of my time over the past three years studying and growing my own businesses, I thought I would just give you guys a little insight into something’s that I have learnt and the top 5 methods that I use to get ahead with my business and lifestyle – you never know – they may work for you too (give them a whirl for a week and let me know how you feel at the end – I’m SO SURE that they will!) and importantly – none of them will cost you a penny!!


Firstly, if you really want to get ahead, you need to have both a dream and a roadmap to get there. After all, if you have a dream, no matter how wild you may think it is its completely possible. But its never going to happen with out knowing how you’re planning on getting there!

Secondly, know where you’ve already been! – so if you know what already works for your business, expand on it! If you know which methods already work in order to help you get ahead – do more of that!

Thirdly, Vision boards do not work. I’m really sorry! As lovely as a concept that they are, and  regardless of how pleasurable it is creating them (and that is the part of it that DOES work), after a while the images that you choose of your dream life / lifestyle / car / home / holidays / income become part of the background. You get used to seeing them so much that you don’t really ‘notice’ them anymore. And how can you manifest what you want when after a short while your attention turns to walking right by that image on your wall instead of focusing on it as your target?

Fourth, Journalling DOES work. Yes Siree Bob it does. Why? Because at the centre of your business, of your dreams, of your intentions is YOU. You HAVE to get up close and personal with yourself. Honest about what it is that you want, what you don’t want, where you want to go both in your life and your business and make a point of doing this regularly so that you can either adapt or remind yourself that this is YOUR WAY forward. All too often we get stuck in the admin, the day to day grind. Journalling is THE BEST way of setting your intentions, reminding yourself of them, creating fresh patterns in your mindset to achieve them, of stepping outside of the admin long enough to reflect on whats working and what isn’t – what you do want and what you can’t stand doing – and brainstorming ways to get more of the love to do’s into your day to day. Its an absolute time saver too – being clear on your intentions, dreams, goals, ways of getting there totally saves you time going around in circles trying to figure things out on your way.

Fifth, just keep on being authentically, beautiful you. Keep on putting yourself out there, communicating with your audience or clients, let them know who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and keep reinforcing your message. This is the most wonderful way of marketing – yes it may seem simple but it IS marketing and it honestly simply and effectively WORKS.


I hope some or one of these things may have resonated with you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or in the CWC Community group on Facebook. Also after your fantastic replies to my post last week in the group, your totally free Facing the Fear personal coaching / training will be with you in the next few days.


Much love.

Kiki xo

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I've always had an unfounded belief that anyone can be anything they want to be. Most probably fuelled by my love for Peter Pan (JM Barrie you have a lot to answer for!) I honestly believe its fully possible for anyone to create a life that they love through their creative passions. Always having had a creative heart I have spent my life dabbling in and out of various media, studied Fine Art Photography as a degree and have worked with over 3,000 creatives since starting my own business. Having reached a point where I have a great quality of life from the way I am able to work, I am now fully dedicated to helping others push forward with their own creative businesses to gain a life that they love and a business that works for them. You'll find me happiest out walking with my dog Nell, travelling the world with my Mister, working from my home studio or at the flower market gathering natures gifts for my latest photography project.

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