Work smart, live smart, be smart. A true fresh start for 2016.

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Let me ask you –


Both, Dear Creative, for your business AND for your lifestyle?

With a New Year looming it seems we always turn our thoughts to exactly what it is that we want, what we want to do better, what it is that we would like to achieve with this fresh new energy that a new year brings with it.

Around 18 months ago I wished for the world to stop spinning.

Not in quite the way that it sounds but simply so I could find a way to make sure that time stopped flying past me at a rate of knots. I wanted to actively stop chasing my tail, chasing myself – around in circles – taking the extra long way around to getting something done or something achieved and ending up feeling so frustrated that it hurt just so that I and my business could progress forward one step. It was exhausting on all levels.

Someone once told me that it takes at least 5 years in business to make a real go of things and that if you don’t succeed by then, well, perhaps you weren’t meant to.

I didn’t believe that one jolt.

Being the tenacious so and so that I am, I then made it my mission to find a way to fast track my knowledge – of myself, of my business, of my businesses future and most importantly, to save time. Time to be creative, time to spend with my loved one, time to rest and create a time to work rather than that time being ALL the time, causing my life, my health and my relationship to suffer.

My husband and I got married in July this year. After a whirlwind start to 2015 being busy both planning the wedding and working so hard to make the money to pay for it, we were both exhausted. Exhausted to the point I questioned whether I wanted to do what it is that I was doing with my business and consequentially my life.

Back in August I wrote a blog post about how I wasn’t intending on working the same way I did before I got married. Little did I know on writing it that I was actually pregnant and the following months would see me feeling so sick that I was unable to anyway!

But do you know what that taught me? It taught me that the world does NOT stop spinning if we don’t get something done to the tight timescales that we set ourselves also that my business would not fall apart if I worked smarter rather than harder. And that it IS ourselves that set these strict boundaries that make us feel that we are failing or aren’t good enough sometimes.

Quite frankly, couldn’t we all do without making ourselves feel that way?

Another thing that being so sick taught me was that I HAD to take time for reflection. To think about, to feel and to live what it is that I had learnt over the past two years. To think about how I wanted to progress forward and how I could share my knowledge with other people.

I started writing ‘Creative Foundations’ fairly close to the beginning of 2015. And I’ve finished and released it quite near the end of the year. Over this time so much has changed, my intention for what the book was supposed to be, to do, its contents and its format.

But what changed substantially was what I wanted this book to give to others.

I had to think long and hard about what gift I could possibly have, know or share that would mean that other people could stop chasing their tails, could move forward with ease, could push their business futures to a place they dreamt of yet weren’t quite sure how. So that I could help alleviate some of the stress, the upset and the tension that they felt about their work or their lives and themselves the same way I had felt it. And I know this may sound all airy fairy  – its our nature to suspect people who want to give – but on learning so very much, it simply didn’t make sense to keep it to myself.

I now work a 4-5 hour day. I have a great relationship with my husband, I also have enough time to reflect, to learn, to be creative, to read, to rest, to think about what kind of future I want to have, that I want my business to have and that I want my family to have. And I want for you to have that time and peace of mind too.

Just imagine for a moment that 2016 is the year that you really make a go of things. That you become so happy and see a return or movement in your business and in your life that quite possibly you’ve felt stuck on before now. That you find answers that you have had questions to for some time now. That you get to reclaim some of your control and TIME back to live the life that you want to live. What difference would that make to you? to your lifestyle? to the quality of life that you are living?

Creative Foundations was written with a single goal in mind. To help you fast track your business knowledge. By addressing that, you too can work smarter rather than harder, to see what needs to be addressed, uncovering pathways of thinking, of manifesting, of working towards creating a life that you love and a business that works FOR YOU and not the other way around. Giving you a plan to do it without chasing your tail.

So let me ask you again, what are your intentions dear creative heart?

What is it that you want from 2016? for your business and for your lifestyle too?

I hope Creative Foundations can help you reach your goals.

‘Creative Foundations’ is on pre-sale now with a -10% offer on the cover price until this Saturday, December 19th. 

This eBook is an investment into your business. It’s formulated as part mentoring session, part guide book and part workbook to ensure that what you get out of it is fully personalised to help you improve your business foundations and therefore future, too.

Much love.

Kiki xo

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I've always had an unfounded belief that anyone can be anything they want to be. Most probably fuelled by my love for Peter Pan (JM Barrie you have a lot to answer for!) I honestly believe its fully possible for anyone to create a life that they love through their creative passions. Always having had a creative heart I have spent my life dabbling in and out of various media, studied Fine Art Photography as a degree and have worked with over 3,000 creatives since starting my own business. Having reached a point where I have a great quality of life from the way I am able to work, I am now fully dedicated to helping others push forward with their own creative businesses to gain a life that they love and a business that works for them. You'll find me happiest out walking with my dog Nell, travelling the world with my Mister, working from my home studio or at the flower market gathering natures gifts for my latest photography project.

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